Hi there! I am Avinash.
Amateur Photographer
Postage Stamps Collector
Podcaster and Ayurveda Physician

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The Diary of a Philatelist. Are you a Postage Stamp Collector or you plan to? Then please visit this blog to read my journey as a Stamp Collector.

Filter Kaapi photos.

Frames from my perspective!  Visit this photo gallery to witness Life through my Lens.

My other projects

Swasthyam – Ayurveda, Yoga, Health

Swasthyam is your gateway to healthy life. Swasthyam provides authentic information on Ayurveda and Yoga along with the latest health news. Goal of Swasthyam is to provide health education to people and enable them to be healthy by prevention of disease or its cure.

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Pune Talkies – The Movie Blog

Pune Talkies is the Movie Blog by the cinema lovers for the cinema lovers. You like watching cinema, then visit Pune Talkies where we have articles, listicles and much more on regional Indian Cinema to World Cinema.

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